East Sussex CTC cycling tops

Available in a range of sizes and styles



With the East Sussex logo on the front and the
Group name and cycling picture of the Seven
Sisters on the back (as shown above and being
modelled below - scroll to bottom)


Jerseys come in styles from short-sleeved, short-zipped summer Airtex to long-sleeved, long-zipped winter Airtex.

There has been a recent rise in the cost from our supplier,
so from the 1st of Jan. 2012 the following prices will apply:-

Short-Sleeved, short-zip summer weight (as above) - £35
Long-sleeved, long-zip summer weight         - £44
Long-sleeved, long-zip winter weight         - £55

Other styles may be available.
Tops are usually available from stock - contact Esther Carpenter,
esthercarpenter@rocketmail.com, for details.   
Prices are subject to change, especially when newer stock arrives - so please check with Esther.

Special orders (e.g. changes to standard items) may be expensive as a surcharge now applies below a minimum order number.

The jerseys being modelled by Emma Rix (in England) and Roger Bacon (in the Alps!)

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